Journalist Confronts NYC Parks Department On 2 million Dollar bathroom Cost

Brooklyn     A 2 million dollar bathroom in Boro Park is still the talk of the town and getting media attention.  The government spends and wastes so much money because of ridiculous prevailing wage which is just another word for union costs. According to reports, some workers get paid 100.00 an hour to build a bathroom in New York City!  At that rate, no wonder why city employees like to take years to complete a job.  A current estimate for another new bathroom by the New York City’s Parks dept is slated to cost 3 million dollars!

A frustrated contractor working on the job explained to Crain’s media the reason why everything cost so much when city employees are involved: “If I want to change a nut, I have to get permission—in writing—from the Parks Department.” As of June 23 the comfort station was completely built but, fittingly, remained closed for lack of a Department of Buildings inspection. “All I wanted to do was spruce it up,” Greenfield said of the old john the city overhauled. “I’ll never fund a bathroom again.”

(Greenfield will “never fund a bathroom again” because he won’t be on the city council in 2018. Two weeks ago Greenfield announced he will not run for another term in NYC Council.)

Crain’s editors blasted the wasteful spending and write in an op ed: Most city agencies’ capital work is orchestrated by the Department of Design and Construction, whose commissioner is leaving his post in late June on a sour note: A month earlier Councilman Brad Lander reported that 44% of current projects with budgets over $25 million are severely late, and 43 of the 44 projects that are both way behind schedule and well over budget are managed by that agency. In April a Center for an Urban Future analysis of library and cultural projects found their median construction cost was an outrageous $930 per square foot—about double that of new office space—and took an average of more than four years to complete. Mayor Bill de Blasio must search far and wide for a commissioner who has the talent and determination to fix this.

Greenfield and other council members have not given up. They recently held six hearings, grilling city officials for hours but not seeming to get anywhere. A new bill would create a task force to implement soup-to-nuts reform of capital projects. That’s great, but legislation should not be necessary to make the mayor do his job.Americans have a right to know when their money is being misspent by Washington. If you’ve Got Waste, please report it to us over the web. We look forward to working with you.

Americans have a right to know when their money is being misspent. If you’ve Got Waste, please report it to CAGW.

Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) is recognized by the media as the leading source of information on government waste. Since their founding in 1984, CAGW has helped expose such high-profile symbols of federal profligacy as the Department of Defense’s $640 toilet seat and $436 hammer and the National Park Service’s $797,400 outhouse.

A big part of their success comes from tips – often anonymous – from Capitol Hill, federal agency employees, and other patriotic citizens who are sick and tired of wasteful spending by local, state federal government.



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