Joey Chestnut wins 11th Nathan’s title with record 74 hot dogs

Joey Chestnut breaks Nathan hot dog eating contest with 74 hot dog and buns in 10 minutes in New York City 07.04.2018 Photo: Shimon Gifter

 New York  Ten minutes, 74 hotdogs and an estimated 22,200 calories later, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut is once again the undisputed chow champion. Today marked Chestnut’s 11th win at the annual Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island.

Joey Chestnut broke his own record of 72 in 2017 by shoving seventy-four hot dogs in ten minutes this year and says he earned it during an interview with GifterInGotham.  Chestnut marked the new world record using his signature style of stuffing two frankfurters down his throat at a time. “This was a beautiful day. I love to eat and I tried to enjoy the food.”

Judges messed up and miscounted the number of hot dogs Chestnut ate. Judges had the amount at 64.

“Frankly, the judging was just off,” George Shea, the longtime Coney Island announcer, told The Associated Press. “Joey said, ‘look at my plates’ and Carmen said ‘look at my plates.’ We counted the plates that they had eaten and it was 64 and 74.”

Eric Gonzalez, the Brooklyn district attorney, intervened and certified the final tally at Nathan’s Famous July Fourth hot dog eating contest and Chestnut’s record of 74, two more than he consumed last year.

Miki Sudo, won the womans contest with 37 hot dogs.


“I’m going to keep riding the wave,” he said of his carer on the competitive eating circuit.




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