Gusty Thundershowers With Hail To Mark Arrival Of Brief Chill In Northeastern US

Motorists and people spending time outdoors in the northeastern United States should keep an eye to the sky on Saturday as gusty thundershowers are forecast to erupt.

The quick-moving thundershowers will mark the leading edge of a bubble of chilly air that will settle over the region this weekend.

“Ahead of the storms, temperatures will jump into the 60s and 70s along much of the Interstate 95 corridor on Saturday, thanks to several hours of morning and midday sunshine,” according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Jake Sojda.

“The warmth will provide the extra vertical push in the atmosphere for showers to quickly erupt and develop into thundershowers,” Sojda said.

In this sort of weather pattern, the weather may change in a matter of minutes from sunny to stormy. The sudden downpours and poor visibility can be a hazard for motorists.

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