Gov. Cuomo plans ‘solidarity trip’ to Israel

Governor Cuomo denounces anti semitism at Israeli day parade and announces a solidarity trip to Israel. Photo: Shimon Gifter 06.02.2019

Manhattan   Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Sunday he plans to make a “solidarity trip” to Israel following the end of the legislative session, which ends June 19.

Cuomo talking to reporters at the Israeli day parade said, “As a sign of solidarity, at this time of crisis for the Jewish people, I’m going to be doing another trip to Israel as a trip in solidarity right after the legislative session, and I invite my Jewish colleagues to join us as a sign of solidarity. New York stands with Israel,” said Cuomo at the Manhattan-based Celebrate Israel Parade — a pro-State of Israel gathering held since 1965.

The governor mentioned a 57-percent increase in anti-Semitic attacks reported across the country, as well as an 83-percent spike in the Empire State alone.

“There was a time when we could have political differences, but it didn’t turn into hate,” he added in remarks given before marching in the parade. “We’ve always had political differences, back to our founding fathers we had political differences. But we tolerate them and we understand them. We can have political differences about Israel and Palestine, that’s what makes democracy that debate.”

Cuomo also directed the State Police Hate Crimes Task Force earlier Sunday to aid investigations into an incident where a note “Hitler was coming” was discovered at the Brooklyn Jewish Children’s Museum, last Thursday.

Cuomo visited Israel in 2014 during his second gubernatorial re-election campaign.


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