Future of speed cameras in NYC rests in lawmakers’ hands

Mayor Bill De Blasio Joins Advocates In Push For More Speed Cameras in NYC and to extend current bill that is set to expire July 2018. Photo: Shimon Gifter 03.22.2018

NEW YORK     Speed cameras have had a big impact on drivers near New York City schools.

Since they were first installed in 2014, the number of drivers caught on camera while speeding has dropped more than 60 percent across the city, which means drivers are slowing down near schools. The number of fatal crashes near schools has dropped almost 25 percent.

“The speed safety cameras save lives. They prevent injuries,” said Marco Conner, the legislative and legal director for Transportation Alternatives.

Based on the track record, the organization is urging lawmakers to expand the program from the 140 cameras currently allowed in New York City.

“Stop the current situation where the city is forced to ration this proven solution to an epidemic,” Conner said.

While there’s no denying the cameras have been effective, there is still some doubt about whether they’ll continue to exist in the future due to politics in Albany.

“There’s a lot of counties we have across this great state and they don’t want anything to do with these cameras,” State Sen. Marty Golden (R-Brooklyn) said.

If the speed camera program is going to continue, lawmakers must approve it by the end of session next month. to continue article: http://pix11.com/2018/05/29/future-of-speed-cameras-in-nyc-rests-in-lawmakers-hands/



  1. This article is an example of fake news with fake misleading statistics. For instance it makes the claim that fatal accidents near schools have decreased by 25% since 20014. It provides no context as to what that 25% number means. 25% of zero is still zero. There never was a problem of fatal accidents near schools any more than anywhere else. It is a red herring. If you really want to cut down on fatal car accidents, a good place to start would be eliminating the sanctuary city status of New York City and the illegal aliens who are driving cars. Not only would it cut down on fatal car accidents but it would also cut down on gang violence. We should all be outraged by the Orwellian surveillance state that has been created by Andrew Cuomo and Bill Deblasio. Not only are there stationary speed cameras all over the place, but there are also mobile speed cameras in unmarked vehicles roaming around as well as mobile and stationary license plate readers, cell phone signal interceptors, and facial recognition cameras. On top of that when you use the parking app for meter parking you are giving away your location as well. It is a surveillance that would have been the envy of the Nazis and the Soviets and we have invited it on ourselves under the guise of safety and preventing a non existent auto accident problem. All the while the state and city rake in billions of dollars in fines. If safety is a concern than why allow sanctuary to MS 13 gang members and their friends. If safety and health is a concern than why allow recreational marijuana. Every where I walk nowadays in Brooklyn I smell marijuana smoke and the police and the judges do not care anymore. But G-d forbid you try to go over 25 miles an hour. Than you are a dangerous criminal. This nonsense has to stop. The lunatic politicians Deblasio and Cuomo and all of their ilk, need to be removed from office and exported to the Republic of California. Big Brother must die and the surveillance state must be put out of business.


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