Felder Really Holding Up Speed Camera Bill In Albany?

NYPD commissioner O'Neill addressing Rabbis and Yeshiva school officials on security related issues. 03.08.2017 Photo: Shimon Gifter

NEW YORK         For advocates, this is a simple issue: Speed cameras near schools slow vehicles down and ultimately save children’s lives.

Transportation Alternatives, a non-profit organization in New York City which works to change New York City’s transportation priorities and encourages a decrease of automobile use, says NYC data shows a decrease of accidents by 14 percent and drivers slowing down at school zones by 63%.

The speed camera program began in 2013, is now set to expire this week and unless its renewed, the city will have to shut off the 140 cameras it has already installed.

What is holding up the extension of the law? Well, it depends who you ask. Democrats and Liberals full of agendas want to blame Senator Simcha Felder even though there are other politicians holding up the speed camera extension for other reasons.

“I’m opposed to expanding or doing anything with cameras until Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City wakes up and understands that we are living in a time of terrorism throughout the world and there should be a cop with a gun in front of every school,” Felder told NY1 last week.

Posting a cop at every city school, which is attached to Felder’s speed camera bill, is something the democrats do not want. NYC schools have metal detectors and safety officers to protect students from bringing in guns to school. Yeshivas want to be protected from terrorist but the Democrats don’t give a hoot. And Democrats wonder why hundreds of thousands of Jews dumped the democratic party the last few years.

“That is definitely is a non-starter. There are many schools that don’t want police officers in their schools. When you talk about what’s happened now, particularly in the City of New York where you have people feeling uncomfortable with police officers at schools, why are you tying it in?” asked State Senator Jose Peralta to NY1 reporter Zack Fink.

Hmm. “Feeling uncomfortable”?  Sane people call 911 when there is a school shooting. Did Senator Jose Peralta just admit that he has constituents that hate cops?  Senator Felder’s constituent base respects law enforcement officers and feels very comfortable with being around and having police officers posted at yeshivas any day of the week.

Peralta’s bill would not only renew speed cameras but double the number. Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie has his own bill which ties the expansion of cameras to the introduction of speed cameras in the city of Buffalo and not a word of complaint about that pork in the bill from Democrats. Only when Felder puts in his own common sense pork in a bill do the Democrats go nuts.

Politicians who want speed cameras in front of schools or near schools in the name of “safety” should stop fighting Senator Felder who also cares about safety.  Police officers save lives every single day of the week just like cameras prevent accidents in front of schools.

Money that would be generated by speed cameras to be used to pay for police officers at yeshivas is common sense and shouldn’t be an issue for politicians who care about safety.

Why isn’t anyone asking where the money being generated from speed cameras is going since 2013?

There are only three days left in legislative session this week before the session ends for the rest of the year.  So will the Democrats continue to be a bunch of crybabies and blame Felder for everything they don’t get their way or will they grow up and do the right thing and pass the bill that will protect EVERYONE for two good reasons?

The police commissioner agrees that it’s prudent to have an ARMED guard by all schools. Watch this GifterInGotham exclusive video taken last year where NYPD commissioner, James P. O’Neill was asked by a school administrator his stance on having armed vs unarmed guards at yeshivas during a NYPD security meeting with Yeshiva administrators held by Councilman Deutsch.




  1. Lets hope Simcha Felder helps to end the tyranny of the surveillance cameras and the hidden taxes they are imposing on the public. Get rid of the red light cameras,speed cameras, license plate readers, and all the other surveillance devices that have turned this into a police state. Lets get the speed limits put back up to normal levels so the traffic can move again and we do not have permanent gridlock. Let get rid of Deblasio and Cuomo Vision Zero which comes straight from UN agenda 21. None of this stuff is making anyone safer, it is just making you poorer and reducing your quality of life.


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