Exclusive: Shocking Video Of Brooklyn Bodega Owner Nearly Killed In Vicious Beating

NEW YORK       Another crime. Another Beating. Another shocking video going viral. Welcome to New York City where criminals are starting to be more brazen than ever after Mayor de Blasio has tied the hands of police officers from doing their job.

If you think you are watching another clip of a beating of the young Lesando Guzman-Feliz that was killed by a gang of thugs in a Bronx Bodega, NO. This is Thursday 11/01/2018 at about 7:30-8 PM in Williamsburg Brooklyn at D&G Bodega, where two new owners were beaten by a gang of thugs who tried to rob the place, at which time the owners (two brothers) tried to defend themselves.

Sources say as they were attempting to defend themselves, some of the gang members got involved defending the thugs/thugs who tried to rob the place, dragged out one owner Raphael Colado (white shirt) and continued beating him, he was taken to the hospital with a broken leg and arm, his brother (partner)  had many bruises.  the Bodega was closed for the entire weekend.

D&G Bodega has been a known location with the prior owners to sell blunts and other drug paraphernalia, in the year 2018. there have been many shootings inside and outside the location as well as stabbings and assaults.
According to community activist Isaac Abraham, the tenants representative at Kent Village Housing which is across the bodega,  the Williamsburg community asked the NYPD local 90th precinct and other departments within the NYPD for assistance and security after each beating and shooting. They have also asked for a crackdown on the drug traffic that’s going on at certain locations after giving NYPD pinpoint information of all drug dealers. The NYPD has ignored all complaints.
It has come to a point where some of these gang member drug dealers threatened the manager of Kent Village and myself and they are very brazen without fear, we receive absolutely no help from law enforcement not even from the District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, who we reached out to many times without a single return response.
During the weekend, Reality Williams 23, residing at 60 Division Ave was arrested for assault of the Bodega owner and was released, claiming that he went to defend his family member that was not involved in the robbery attempt or in the beating.
I was also shocked when I obtained the copy of the beating from a resident in the area and the police didn’t even bother search for any video surveillance.
The difference between the gang beating in the Bronx and Brooklyn is the guy in Brooklyn is still alive. It’s only a matter of time before the entire community will be in an uprising with all the shootings and crimes that are going in this 10 block radios while being ignored by the local precinct.
Does the NYPD have a stand-down order so crime stats are low”?
Anyone with any information is requested to email [email protected] and all info will remain confidential.


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