Exclusive: Residents Ignored Smell Of Smoke Before Fatal Fire

FDNY: Charcoal Grill Ignited Fire That Killed Parents, Hurt 17-Year-Old Daughter in Brooklyn

NEW YORK    The deadly fire Monday in Brooklyn that claimed the lives of two parents and injured their 17-year-old daughter was caused by improper use of a disposable charcoal BBQ grill on a wooden deck, the FDNY said Tuesday.

There was also no smoke alarm present in the home at the time the three-alarm blaze started and eventually engulfed the 2 1/2-story home on 44th Street in Borough Park around 4 a.m, according to the FDNY.

Evelyn Gluck, 59, and Howard Gluck, 61, were killed in the fire. The couple and their daughter were found in the home once the flames were out. The daughter was in the hospitalized in stable condition, officials said. The parents died at the hospital.

(NBC News/ FDNY)

While doing interviews with residents on the block and surrounding area of the fatal Boro Park fire, residents mentioned they smelled smoke in the air for hours.  Some people smelled smoke 10 hours before the fatal fire.  Not one person called 911 for at least the first 9 hours even after the air was a thicker type of smell and definite fire according to local residents.

FDNY says their first 911 call was made at 3:47 AM  Residents say the first FDNY rigs showed up at 3:55 AM. Radio transmissions show first 911 transmission at 3:50 AM and FDNY on the scene at 3:52 AM with a 10-75 transmission to 1174 44 st. The claim that neighbors have made about FDNY going to wrong address at first are unfounded.  The FDNY station house is just a few hundred feet away from where the fatal fire took place.

It’s completely insulting for anyone to put blame on smoke detectors and FDNY while ignoring the fact that dozens of people smelled smoke and fire and didn’t bother to call 911 to report it which would have definitely saved lives.

We must learn from mistakes that were made. If anyone ever smells smoke just call 911. Nobody should act like a fire expert and assume it’s nothing.  So many people in the immediate area including neighbors ignored their basic instincts of a fire in the area and did nothing about it.  Any issues with transmissions are a 911 dispatch system and NOT first responders.


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