Exclusive: New Details Emerge In Chaim Weiss Murder Case

Chaim Weiss/ 1986 media Handout
NEW YORK   The heinous act robbed an insular community of its innocence.
And now, nearly 31 years later, clues are emerging that may finally solve a gruesome murder,  and bring closure to a family’s immeasurable pain.
Thirty-one years ago, Chaim Weiss was a spunky, fun-loving and bright teenager. Today, given his Orthodox Jewish upbringing and community’s social mores, he would likely have been a grandfather. If he had lived.
On Halloween 1986, on the Jewish Sabbath, Chaim Weiss, 16, was found stabbed to death in his yeshiva dormitory bed.   (http://unsolvedmysteries.wikia.com/wiki/Chaim_Weiss)
Police took their investigation seriously. The Nassau County police department assigned their most successful detectives to the case. Ultimately, though, their efforts to solve the case proved fruitless.
Four years ago the investigation was re-opened. Tips began to emerge. Each was scrutinized and vetted.
Far from going stale, the police continue to pursue leads.
On March 25, 1994, eight years after the murder, a taunting envelope with a post card inside was sent and addressed to Chaim Weiss. The Post card read: “Know what happens to chickens when they get too old to lay Easter eggs? They Dye. Happy Easter.”
March 28 was Passover.
Another bizarre finding was etched markings on the gravesite of Chaim Weiss which appear to be three Hebrew letters.
Who sent the letter? What are the cryptic messages? What kind of evil person would torment the family like this?
Anyone with info should call the Nassau County Police department tip line at
516- 573-7788 All calls will remain confidential.
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  1. I didn’t know Chaim Weiss, but from what I’ve read about the case, I surmise that it was an inside job, but not by any of the yeshiva’s rabbis, nor the students. I suggest that the murderer was the Polish janitor. Motive? Chaim appears to have been a smart alecky kid, and he had several run ins with him. This janitor was very irritated by Chaim, so he decided to kill him. (The janitor allegedly had an alibi, which I thought was not airtight. I believe that he moved back to Poland).

    IMHO, the “new” evidence reflects this. I’m not a handwriting expert, but several things stand out. The handwriting on the envelope seems to be from a semiliterate person, to whom English is not his first language. He struggels to form the letter “C” in Chaim’s name. He uses the lower case letter “i”, when he’s striving to use print letters. same with the letter “l”. The letter “A” also stands out with its decided slant. The first “A” is also ill formed.

    To me, the timing and nature of the card reflects a non-Jewish mindset, someone who related to the Easter holiday. To myself, a religious Jew, Easter is nothing. It’s barely a blob on the radar, vaguely having something to do with our non-Jewish neighbors. It is not something that we would relate to, especially not the custom of Easter eggs, or appreciating a joke about them (play on words dye-die).

    Was the card examined for forensic evidence? Traces of DNA (where the envelope was licked)? Fingerprints?

    There is also the issue of the “postmark”. It has a postmark from Staen Island, NY. However it appears to have been processed by the postal facility in Brooklyn, NY 11256. Why is this so?

    The second piece of “evidence” is the alleged inscription on the grave. It is bizarre, because while the letters appear to be Hebrew letters, they are mis-shapen, especially the last two letters. Any Jewish adult would know how to form them much better. This suggests that the writer/etcher was not intimately familiar with Hebrew letters.

  2. This case smells from cover up and conspiracy. I think it was an inside job by either a rebbi, or student. The yeshiva apparently never cooperated with the investigation and seems to have initiated a disinformation campaign to try and deflect attention to Halloween inspired gentiles or the “Polish Janitor”. The motive was likely to silence Chaim Weiss from talking about either being a victim of sexual molestation or witnessing molestation or Homosexual activity in the dormitory, or some other illicit activity in the dormitory such as pornography, drugs or alcohol. We also have to wonder if there is any connection to the suicide by hanging in the shower several years prior. The rumor was that the suicide was a Mondrowitz victim, but it is certainly an avenue that should be thoroughly investigated. Was it even really a suicide, or was it a previous murder made to look like a suicide? In My opinion this Yeshiva and the people responsible for the well being of their students should not have been allowed to continue in the yeshiva business after these two stories and it would have been a lesson for all other Yeshivos to take heed. Instead Rav Elya Svei stepped in and forbade other Yeshivos from taking in students from Long Beach so the Yeshiva would not fold and could stay open. At the time, I was disgusted by Rav Elya Svei’s actions and the by the collusion with them by all the other Yeshivos. It still bothers me to this day. We also have to wonder about the Nassau County Police. Were/Are they simply incompetent and incapable of conducting an effective investigation, or were/ are they corrupt and and perhaps were paid off or manipulated by Askanim and Machers to look the other way. And what about the Alumni of Long Beach. Why did they not cooperate at the time and why so many years later have they not put pressure to find justice for their friend and fellow student. There are wealthy Alumni who could afford to hire a private eye and get to the bottom of this. This story is a stain that will not go away. I believe Chaim Weiss’s blood is still bubbling and screaming for justice and eternal shame and damnation on anyone who stands in the way.

    • There are rumors that a very well known LA resident was personally involved in this murder, that the motive was to silence sexual molestation, the subject of the investigation expressed same sex desires on multiple occasions and the FBI is very well aware of it and have recently interviewed several classmates, Investigations take time ! this is a tragedy that will hurt forever,

      • I think this is the action of a perverted evil revengeful jealous person that preys on young boys , and he need to pray and get help for his self , because I feel that his Luck has ran out , as he run but he just can not hide much longer or out smart God , his saints and angels with the Easter cards , his tricks and the dam Lies from hell .

    • I do feel that to me the gentle man really speaks the truth and he’s really is on point about Chaim being killed by of course a Rabbi Teacher , which was a inside job , so what is next to come the Justice for Chaim that is so much over due now?!

  3. There are rumors that a current very well knwn LA resident wad personally involved in Chaim’s murder, He was a student at the Yeshiva when it happened and left NY immediately after, friends claims that sexual molestation was the main motive, the suspect proved to have strong homo desires on several ocasions, the FBI is aware of this name but investigations take time…….,

  4. Look, the detective claims that since the window was open, it means that someoene within the religion had killed him because of the soul to go out.. seriously? Do you think that a person who got no problem with god to kill a other human, has a issue or believes in a soul? Or he would’ve think of that while he killed?

    • So very much true and wise with wisdom , and not only do the killer care not about Chaim soul , but he really did not care about his Young Life being taken from him ,as the killer only thought about not getting caught and how he had to keep Chaim quiet and not talking about the Rabbi and the sinful sexual acts among some of the boys that Chaim knew about their secret .

  5. The piece that Mary Murphy of PIX11 just did is a real eye opener. The reactions and behavior of the two Rabbonim speaks volumes, and deserves further thorough investigation. Hashem will finally bring comfort to this family by bringing closure by having the guilty party (and their protectors) brought to justice very soon.

    • It really doesn’t though. I went to Long Beach. These rebbeim have been hounded for DECADES by detectives, amateur sleuths, random people on the street, etc, etc. It’s not surprising they didn’t want to talk to reporters again. 30+ years of harrasment could do that to you.

  6. The molestation theory works to a degree. However, the murderer was a sick SOB to send a letter or postcard like the one described 8 years later. Chaim was dead. So, the perp had some need to torment the parents. WHY? Some Polish janitor who had fled to Poland if half sane would not have gotten involved in any way, after he committed his act and “got away with it”. My theory is that the molester had had his way with Chaim, and Chaim had not spoken out, had even been “participant” but then, decided to end it. The killer was some sick SOB not just a pedophile (or sadistic homosexual) but burnmed when Chaim refused him further activities. might have been even emotionally involved with Chaim, and yom bahir echad, this sick sick SOB thought of Chaim and had irresistible impulse to further punish him for abandoning him, albeit the punishment had to be via his parents. The guy likely has other murders under his belt, (not to use a pun).
    This is not a normal person functioning normally in society. This is a sociopath. Unless one of the staff fits this description, the murderer was a fellow student. Should not be so difficult to find someone who fits that description.

    However, there is tiny possiblity that some other multiple murderer got turned on by the story, but I totally reject that theory,

    This LA person is unlikey to be the murderer, unless upon examination there have been zero strange behaviors in his life since then. Minus this letter 8 years later, i would have said that it could have been anyone at the Yeshiva. anyone.
    But this murderer was not just a molester, and murderer, he was sick, that sickness doesn’t disappear after one murder. (again bringing up the thought that the “suicide” years before , how many? was either a murder, or result of molestation by same perp.
    This should not be rocket science, were there similarities btw Chaim and the “suicide victim”?
    Molesters are NEVER one victim perps. NEVER. So some of the other yeshiva bochurim had also been abused by him (and indeed might have been a student or a resident advisor). as opposed to a Chashuv at the yeshiva. Why was it not shut down?
    did every parent of every student enrolling post the suicide know about the suicide???
    Was it common knowledge, how many years.?????

    For sure, not the Polish janitor, that is absurd.

  7. There was a problem at the summer camp. Were any of the students from the summer camp also in the dorm? Why was Chaim on the third floor alone, has that been answered?

  8. How can religious orthodox people behave in this manner? I think if the detectives would contact the OTDs from the yeshiva they’ll have a much better chance of hearing the truth.

  9. Shame on his fellow students for not having the courage to speak up. Remaining silent is evil. Clever pretending to be non-Jewish. Clever pretending to be semi-illiterate. Inside job perpetrated by a monster. Most likely a child molester, older classmate(s) or teacher(s). One day, a morally strong former classmate will overcome his fear, his shame, and speak the truth or provide a clue to solve this case.

  10. I dont think it was the janitor. The janitor does not have the power to place the boy in his own room. That has to come from a higher up. Second why is the principal so determine to have a meeting with the boy? Why did the boy not tell his dad what was said? Defently inside job no doubt.

  11. I do feel that to me the gentle man really speaks the truth and he’s really is on point about Chaim being killed by of course a Rabbi Teacher , which was a inside job , so what is next to come the Justice for Chaim that is so much over due now?!

  12. is the engraving that of someone too scared to state the killers name outright?

    First letter in hebrew R (raish)

    Second letter looks like hebrew but it maybe a Y

    Third letter also looks like hebrew but it maybe a P


  13. My theory: CW was sexually abused at the summer camp. Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi X learned about it.
    Rabbi X knew the abuser and knew he was dangerous.

    Rabbi X had family or financial reasons for not turning the abuser into the police.

    The abuser believed that CW would turn him in.

    The abuser enlisted Rabbi X to threaten CW not to talk

    When CW was headed back to the yeshiva, Rabbi X called CW in twice – and warned him to forget what the abuser had done to him.

    However, the abuser (a) was paranoid that CW would go public or (b) had made further advances to CW, which were rejected.

    In either case, the abuser, like any homo sex fiend, did not really care about Shabbos – and knew it would be the perfect time to strike – and did.

    The murderer is known to his parents and to Rabbi X.

    Who went to both the summer camp and then to the yeshiva with CW?

    Of that group at the yeshiva at that time:

    Subsequent arrests?

    Subsequent gayness?

    Who were Rabbi X yeshiva age relatives at the time?

    Which kids had parents who were such big supporters of the Yeshiva – oir Rabbi X – that Rabbi X couldn’t alienate them?


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