EXCLUSIVE: Driver Who Plowed Into Pedestrians Has History Of Blowing Red Lights & Speeding

NBC Chopper 4 Aviation screen grab

PARK SLOPE, Brooklyn — Two children are dead and a pregnant woman is injured after being struck by a driver, who witnesses say attempted to flee, in Brooklyn on Monday.http://


Three people, including two children, were hit by a vehicle, police said. Both children were transported to the hospital and pronounced dead, according to police. FDNY said the woman was critically injured.

The incident happened at Ninth Street and Fifth Avenue in Park Slope around 12:40 p.m., according to FDNY.

A PIX11 reporter on the scene witnessed a pregnant woman and two children in a stroller get off a bus when they were struck by a driver who appeared to be speeding up to make it through a light.

The driver took off after hitting the victims and dragged one baby for half a block but crashed into another vehicle where the car finally stopped.

Witnesses say the driver hit the parked cars by at least 60 MPH.

The driver apparently has a dozen violations for running red lights on purpose and speeding in school zones. Why does a driver who has total disregard for pedestrians be allowed to have a license?

NYPD must focus on reckless drivers and not someone driving 1 MPH over the limit.   It’s drivers like today who should never have had a right to have a license to begin with.

The driver told NYPD she had a medical episode. Witnesses say it is ahrd to believe this was a medical episode when purposely stopping and waiting for pedestrians to be in front of the car and then gunning the engine.

We know a cop can’t be everywhere but every time I cover an accident scene, the common complaint local residents say is how they complained to city officials or to 311 and warned multiple times that it’s an accident waiting to happen. Today the city learned a hard lesson that it is better to be proactive than reactive.



  1. Dorothy Bruns’ recovery from her medical episode was rapid, she was texting on her phone sat up on the stretcher after she killed two children. This woman should not have been on the road, and the NYPD fell over themselves to excuse her, as they usually do.


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