Mets fan nearly drops his baby to catch a foul ball. Mom is visibly ticked off.

SNY screengrab / father holding baby catching foul ball. 06.22.2017

Los Angeles    “You are not qualified to hold the baby anymore.”

Those were the words of SportsNet New York’s baseball announcers Wednesday night after the network aired a clip of a New York Mets fan nearly dropping his baby as he jumped to reach a foul ball during Thursday night’s 6-3 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

While the fan actually did manage to snag the ball, he may have done some damage to his personal life. The man has to jump pretty high to catch the ball, and judging from the baby’s face afterward, the infant wasn’t happy. As the baby cries, a woman, presumably the infant’s mother, angrily takes the baby from the man and appears to chastise him for his potentially dangerous decision.

It’s just not worth the risk.

The wife responded on facebook after realizing how fast the social media world is these days!

Would you bring a baby to the game? What would have you done if you were in the same position? Sound off in the comment box below. Please be respectful.



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