Drug Overdose Sends Shock waves To Jewish Community. Is the Jewish Education System Failing Our Kids?

NEW YORK  – The New York Post featured a story in June about Malky Klein who lived in Boro Park and was raised by wonderful parents. The short version of what you will hear in a heart breaking audio clip is about the the pain of rejection. Rejection to OTD; finding relief in heroin; overdosing; coming back from the brink of death and then relapsing and then suicide.

On the 24th of June the Jewish community lost a 20 year old girl who wanted a chance in life. This innocent girl struggled through her school years with learning disabilities. When it came to getting accepted to high school she had a very hard time. Her parents had to beg to get her accepted.

Finally one school agreed to accept this girl. A few weeks into school the principal called up this girl’s parents to inform them that she is being kicked out for various reasons. One of those reasons is that this girl ate in the pizza shop instead of taking home the pizza to eat it at home. You can imagine what her other infraction were all about.

Her parents tried sticking up for her behalf but they were talking to the wall. Her parents were horrified and devastated. They begged the school to keep her until they find a different school that would accept her and keep her dignity. The school refused to listen.

This broke this poor girl completely and her parents relate from there on it was downhill. She was out on the streets with no school and found friends who finally accepted her and saw her talents. Those friends weren’t in the best shape either.

However she was still in deep pain, and therefore she hooked up onto drugs which was like a bandage to her injury. She liked the way the drugs left her feeling and it became her new escape.

Her parents tried everything in their power to ease her pain. She had just come home from rehab after being there for 2 years. Despite all of that she couldn’t fight the demons of pain and she succumbed to drug overdose.

Watch first clip of Torah sage Rav Shteinman being asked questions on education and specifically about not accepting kids into a school because they aren’t good enough.

Rabbi Shteinman calls heads of schools that throw kids out of school “communists” and full of “gaiva”.


The next audio clip is Mr. Dovid Lichtenstein interviewing Mr. Klein.


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