Driver In Critical Condition After Slamming Into Parked Vehicle On Ocean Ave

Car slams into parked car on Ocean Ave 07.11.2018 Photo: Shimon Gifter


Brooklyn       A high-speed crash damaged several parked cars in Brooklyn.

It happened around 2:15 a.m. Wednesday morning on Ocean Avenue in Sheepshead Bay.

A vehicle traveling northbound on Ocean Ave and Ave T slammed into a parked vehicle.

Witnesses described the driver traveling at a high rate of speed when it slammed into the parked car forcing it onto a lawn in front of a building.  One witness said, “it sounded like a bomb went off.”

Witnesses immediately ran to the car and were in shock after seeing the driver motionless and bleeding profusely with head injuries.

The driver was apparently not wearing a seatbelt according to a witness who ran to help the driver. Another witness, a trained medic started CPR on the driver. EMS took the patient to Lutheran hospital in critical condition.

NYPD is investigating.

Driver critically injured after slamming into a parked car on Ocean Ave & Ave S on 07.11.2018 Photo: Shimon Gifter



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