Deutsch: New Electronic Waste Collection Coming to Southern Brooklyn

Brooklyn     Councilman Chaim Deutsch (D-BROOKLYN) is pleased to announce that residents of southern Brooklyn will be eligible for curbside electronic waste collection from the Department of Sanitation.

Deutsch, who serves as a member of the City Council’s Sanitation Committee, strongly advocated and pushed for the new arrangement to come to southern Brooklyn. Until now, New Yorkers with defunct electronics could only dispose of them through a manufacturer, such as Staples, or by bringing it to a collection site that is only open once or twice a month. Deutsch has previously hosted bi-annual electronic waste recycling events that frequently attracted hundreds of local residents, filling truckloads with electronics.

The new system will be active in Southern Brooklyn on October 1st, and allows homeowners to simply call 311 or to schedule a collection. Deutsch said, “Curbside electronic collection is a great convenience for residents, who until now have had to either navigate manufacturers’ takeback programs or bring their electronic waste to a registered New York State Electronic Waste Collection site. The new program will be a major game-changer for seniors and people with disabilities in particular, for whom it can be difficult to shlep a large television set or computer to a distant site for disposal. I’m pleased to have advocated for this to come to Southern Brooklyn, and I’m grateful to Speaker Corey Johnson, DSNY Commissioner Kathryn Garcia, and Sanitation Committee Chairman, Councilman Antonio Reynoso for partnership in making this happen.”

“Electronics collection is a key component of our City’s efforts to achieve zero waste by 2030,” said City Council Sanitation and Solid Waste Management Chair Antonio Reynoso. “I am pleased to see that the Department of Sanitation’s curbside electronics collection program has been expanded to Southern Brooklyn—helping to streamline our City’s waste management system and bolstering our efforts to divert waste from landfills. I will continue to work with the Department of Sanitation and my fellow NYC Council Members towards a more efficient and environmentally responsible sanitation system for all New Yorkers.”

A wide array of electronic equipment is classified as recyclable under New York State law and cannot be disposed of through regular means. The list of recyclable electronic waste includes but is far from limited to computers laptops, desktop computers, tablets, e-readers, televisions, DVD players, DVRs, VCRs, and fax machines – as well as peripherals such cables, chords and wiring.

Collections can be arranged and more information can be obtainedelectronics

electronic wasyby visiting or by calling 311.


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