DA Eric Gonzalez Meets With Community Leaders & Advocates To Discuss The Opioid Crisis

Brooklyn DA Gonzalez meets with community advocates At the Bridge MCP. 05.08.2018 Photo; Shimon Gifter
Brooklyn      District Attorney Eric Gonzalez met with community leaders and advocates from the African American, Muslim and Jewish community to discuss the latest initiatives on the opioid crisis.
The meeting took place at the Bridge Multicultural center Wednesday evening.  It’s the fifth time the Brooklyn District Attorney met at the Bridge for his quarterly updates with community leaders. The meeting was passionate and a moment of shock took place when the District attorney highlighted a case of doctors arrested for illegally dispensing millions of oxycodone and other pills in Brooklyn.
(https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/07/nyregion/brooklyn-clinics-oxycodone-indictments.html )
D.A. Gonzales said, “there are more people dying from drug overdoses in our country than car accidents and homicides combined”.

District attorney Eric Gonzalez also talked about his new initiative called CLEAR. Under Project CLEAR (Collaborative Legal Engagement Assistance Response), individuals arrested for misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance will be offered the opportunity to receive treatment and other community-based services before their initial court appearance. If they meaningfully participate, the DA’s Office will decline prosecution of their cases before they ever appear in court and their arrest record will be sealed.
Council Member Chaim Deutsch said, “I commend Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez for the courage to seek real solutions to a problem in our community, in recognizing the opioid epidemic is often at the root of criminal behavior as it decimates communities and families.
Project CLEAR gives people suffering from substance abuse a choice and a chance to put the brakes on risky behavior that involves an unending cycle of addiction, turmoil, and criminal activity, and enables drug abusers to seek a path of redemption and proper health care, instead of incarceration and a criminal record for life.”
DA Eric Gonzalez and councilman Chaim Deutsch praised Mark Meyer Appel and the Bridge diversity team for uniting and working with the entire New York’s diverse community in solving community issues and bringing fairness and justice for all.
Photo: Shimon Gifter


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