Cruise Robocall Class Action Lawsuit Settled, Claims Available

A class-action lawsuit can get you up to $900.00

The Plaintiffs in a robo call calls action lawsuit made a pretrial settlement alleges that Resort Marketing Group, Inc. (“RMG”) violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA, when they made automated telephone calls to consumers to offer a free cruise with Carnival Corporation & PLC (“Carnival”), Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. (“Royal Caribbean”), and NCL (Bahamas), Ltd. (“Norwegian”) (collectively “Cruise Defendants”).

The Settlement includes people who received pre-recorded telephone calls between July of 2009 and March of 2014 on their residential or cellular telephone lines initiated by RMG during which RMG offered a free cruise with Carnival, Royal Caribbean, or Norwegian cruise lines as a promotion.

Rather than go to trial, the cruise lines decided to settle the suit (Charvat v. Carnival et al) and, in July, a judge granted a “preliminary approval of the settlement,” which includes a fund worth between $7 million and $12.5 million — depending on the number of plaintiffs that come forward.

File a claim online or send completed paperwork by standard mail, citing a maximum of three calls (worth a potential $900). The lawsuit set up a website where consumers can check if their telephone numbers are in RMG’s catalog.

The deadline to file a claim is Nov. 3 of this year, with a Final Approval Hearing scheduled for April 4, 2018.

Follow the instructions on the File A Claim page to plug in your phone number and see if you qualify. for questions, call (855) 636-6134



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