Councilman Deutsch urging Community To Attend Crucial Meeting On Property Taxes

NEW YORK     Property taxes are an expense that many New Yorkers struggle to pay each year. As costs of living continue to rise, property taxes are becoming less affordable for many.

 The City Council and Speaker Corey Johnson, along with Mayor de Blasio formed a property tax reform advisory commission to inform New York State of the significant burden that property taxes place on homeowners and property owners. Often, these higher taxes is transferred to renters and reflects in higher rental costs. 

 The Brooklyn meeting of this task force will be held THIS Monday, October 15th in Brooklyn Borough Hall, 209 Joralemon Street, at 6:30pm. I encourage you to attend and voice your concerns and suggestions. 

 For more information, see the flyer below, email me at [email protected] or call my office at 718-368-9176.

 To submit testimony ahead of time, you may email [email protected].

New York City Advisory Commission on Property Tax Reform
Public Hearing in Brooklyn
Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson established an advisory commission to develop recommendations to make the City’s property tax system simpler, clearer, and fairer, while ensuring that there is noreduction in revenue used to fund essential City services. The Commission will hold a series of public hearings this
fall and next spring to hear from all who pay property taxes directly or indirectly. All hearings will begin at 6:30p.m.

The date and location for this fall’s hearing in Brooklyn is:
Monday, October 15, 2018
Brooklyn Borough Hall, The Courtroom
209 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

To ensure the commission hears from all those interested, speakers should plan to speak for no more than three
minutes. Commission members may use the additional time to ask the speaker questions. Elected officials will be given the opportunity to speak first; all other participants will be heard in the order in which they sign up when they arrive
at the hearing. Speakers may (but need not) submit their presentations ahead of time by emailing them to [email protected] or uploading them at
through our online portal.

The Commission especially would appreciate comments on topics such as:
Fairness in the treatment of different kinds of properties:
 Are there properties, or taxpayers, who are treated unfairly? How could the system be made fairer?
 Should all residential properties be taxed at the same rate? What about non-residential properties?
 Should non-residential properties be taxed at a higher rate than residential properties?
 Who pays the property taxes on residential or commercial rental units – the owner or the tenants? How, if at
all, should the property tax system address changes in how property taxes affect rents?
Improvements in the administration of the system:
 How accurate are market value estimates? How could the accuracy of appraisals be improved?
 How could the notices that explain how property taxes are computed be made simpler and easier to
 Is the process for appealing one’s property taxes working efficiently and fairly? How could it be improved?
 What are the most critical reforms necessary to make the tax system simpler and clearer?
Avoiding significant property tax increases through transitional or income-based mechanisms:
 Should the system provide relief to taxpayers who face significant tax increases because of changes in their
properties’ values? What are the pros and cons of providing relief to taxpayers who see their property values
(and therefore their taxes) rising faster than their incomes?
 Are there preferred methods of relief for property owners who cannot afford their property tax bills?
 Should any such relief be limited to low-income taxpayers?
The Commission looks forward to hearing from all those who are interested in improving the property tax system.
Brooklyn Borough Hall is accessible. To request additional accommodations or translation services, please email
[email protected] or call 212-748-0281 by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, October 10th





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