Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island Hosts NYPD PCT. 122 Medal Day Ceremony

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Police officers and civilian personnel from the 122nd Precinct received honors for their service at the Bernikow Jewish Community Center (JCC) Tuesday night.

More than 300 people attended the ceremony in Sea View that honored dozens of officers from the mid-island precinct.

Staten Island’s top cop Assistant Chief Kenneth Corey began by thanking COJO, Mendy Mirocznik and Scott Maurer for being great supporters of the NYPD and a key community partner in Staten Island.  Corey then touted the work the officers of Staten Island do every day calling the community the safest borough in the safest big city in the world.

“This is the best part of my job — getting to recognize the hard work that our cops do each day,” Corey said. “What I see those cops do day in and day out, they can stand with any cops in the city.”

The Staten Island Council of Jewish Organizations hosted the event at the Manor Road JCC. The group’s President, Mendy Mirocznik, quipped that Tuesday night’s “attendees might be in the country’s safest room and that we are to appreciate that when we celebrate life, holidays and special events we owe a thank you to the Police Officers who are out there keeping the peace and the public safe.”  Stated Mirocznik, “may the Almighty protect all of the Officers of the NYPD that they should return safe and healthy in mind-body, spirit and soul to their families.”

Richmond County District Attorney Michael E. McMahon said that some of the officers’ most important come in their service on the front lines of the borough’s opioid crisis.

“Their selfless bravery in saving lives every day, administering NARCAN, and investigating overdoses is helping us tremendously in the battle to bring an end to the heroin crisis here on Staten Island,” he said.

The ceremony concluded when Mendy Mirocznik and COJO’s chief executive officer and executive vice-president presented to Pct. 122 a proclamation memorializing the great crime reduction, peacekeeping and public safety accomplishments of Pct. 122 to Chief Corey and to Captain Eger.

The honored NYPD personnel was:

Nicholas Abagnalo, George Aguilar, Phillip Alfano, Jacqueline Barranco, Michael Botros, Alan Bungay, James Burns, Arlene Cook, Joseph Cosmai, Gricel Cruz, Ricardo Cuenca, Michael D’Agostino, Stephen D’Amico, Hassan Darwiche, Michael Deljudice, Vanessa Deluca, Valerie Durets, Angel Espada, Lauren Ferrara, Kristen Flanagan, Vincent Gambino, Tiana Guglielmo, Richard Guerrieri, Michael Hanna, Kara Hansen, Julian Hincapie, Craig Horlebein, Mirel Hoxha, Shahnaz Ibragimova, Joseph Ieraci, Samuel Jacob, Bryan Koerner, David Kosinsk, Michael Lam, Red Le Ber, Thomas Leonardo, Robin Lestrade, Michael Linder, Vincent Mandracchia, Chrapusta Mariusz, Joseph Matarazzo, Mario Mazier, Stephanie Mazza, Christopher McKenna, Kimberly McKnight, Kevin Medefindt, Keith Miller, Michael Milone, Paul Montana, Corinne Mueller, Michael Murante, Joseph Naranjo, Ryan Nemoyten, Richard Owen, Kevin Payne, Wesley Pericone, Renette Pierre-Antoine, Angelo Pirozzi, Bryan Pizzimenti, Robert Ramirez, Wilfredo Ramos, Joseph Ranola, Anthony Robles, Christopher Romano, Anthony Ruggiero, Scott Samarisi, Jacob Samuel, Katrina Selkirk, John Siciliano, Daniel Slevin, Angelo Tirado, Christopher Tulloch, Jose Vargas, Richard Velez, Joseph Wall, Lee Wittek, Aldo Yubini and Yassir Zahroof



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