Chase Bank Cheats Major Customer Out Of Thousands Of Dollars

A Facebook post is going viral for the last few hours regarding a serious accusation of theft by Chase bank.  GifterInGotham Reached out to the customer to verify the story below and the story has been verified.

Dear J.P. Morgan Chase Bank,

I hope you’re ready for this post. I haven’t written a post like this in many years, but I feel so disgusted and disrespected at this point, that I really don’t have any other choice. You stole money from me and have demonstrated how little you value your customers and their business.

Here we go …

A few months back, during a routine business audit, we noticed that Chase had been charging a particular account of ours $50/month for an auto-deposit program.

I went into a branch to ask them to explain the charges to me.

They told me that I had ordered a machine which allows me to scan checks and deposit them automatically into the account. I was surprised with their explanation as I had no idea this kind of machine actually existed. I certainly never ordered one. I definitely never used one.

We did some research and found out that these $50 charges went back 7 years! That’s $4,200 in higher mathematics.

I asked them for a refund being that I never ordered, or used, this supposed machine of theirs.

They told me they could reverse the charges for up to 2 months only, and that I should have noticed this earlier. Basically, the other $4,100 that they had stolen from me for something I didn’t order or use was theirs to keep simply because I didn’t catch them in their thievery earlier on! It now became MY fault!

You know the saying, “the customer is always right”? Well, like every other rule, there are exceptions. The exception in this case being “unless you’re a Chase Bank client.”

I asked them to tell me when I ordered this machine and where it was shipped to. I asked them to tell me if the machine was ever used. I asked them for any proof whatsoever.

They could not show me a copy of the contract they claim I signed, nor could they give me an address where this machine was sent to. The only things they were able to confirm for me with certainty was that I ordered the machine (though they could not tell me when, where, or how), that I signed a contract (which they have no record of), that it was definitely delivered to me (though they cannot tell me what address it was shipped to), and that it was never used. At least we agreed on ONE thing.

After escalating the matter to senior management, and subsequently to regional management, I was told that there was nothing else that could be done for me.

I supplied the manager dealing with this case with the other accounts that I have signing authority over with Chase Bank so that they can see the kind of customer I have been. Between the various business accounts that I have signing authority over, there is a VERY significant amount of money sitting in Chase accounts.

I advised, each time that I followed up with them, that I would, as a matter of principle, pull out every last dollar from their bank if they would not issue a refund for the money they have stolen. I also advised that I would write this post and that I would speak with David Rosenfeld about initiating a class action law suit against them.

Despite my threats, they just called to tell me that there is nothing they can do.

So … here we go. Let the games begin!

Anyone else with a similar story with Chase Bank please DM me.

JPMorgan Chase & Co., in case it’s not clear from this post, you suck and I want the world to know it. You’re putting Wells Fargo to shame.

If you are a victim of this type of Chase fraud or any other fraud by Chase please email [email protected]



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