Calls for safer streets following death of boy struck by car on Brooklyn sidewalk

Councilman Deutsch promising safer streets at press conference on Ocean Ave after a fatal crash. 09.12.2019 Photo: SHimon Gifter

MIDWOOD, Brooklyn  There were calls for action Thursday night over the dramatic increase in pedestrian and cyclist accidents in Brooklyn, the most recent involving the death of a 10-year-old boy on Ave L and Ocean Ave.

“We lost our baby and he’s not coming back,” said Mary Majao, whose son Enzo was at a bus stop on Ocean Avenue Wednesday when a car flew out of control, jumped the curb and slammed into him before hitting scaffolding down the block.

The vehicle that killed a 10-year-old boy parked on a city street. Photo: Shimon Gifter

Councilman Chaim Deutsch was present at the press conference and was the only elected official to visit the parents to show support and give comfort.

“We need to take this pain and turn it into purpose, we’re going to do whatever we can and we will a find solution for the epidemic that is causing these fatalities across our city,” Deutsch said about the rash of pedestrian deaths across the city.

Six hours later another crash occurred involving a motorist that ran a red light at a very high rate of speed into an MTA bus that nearly flipped over according to passengers. The collision occurred on Ocean Ave and Ave J injuring 11 people with at least one in serious condition.

On Thursday evening, Deutsch was accused by a left-wing liberal blog of being “rankled by activists” by repeatedly referring to the crash that killed Farachio as “a tragic accident,” instead of a crash. The fact is if someone had a seizure suddenly and unexpected just as NYPD claims then by definition it’s an ACCIDENT.

Deutsch was not rankled by anyone except one woman who was upset that Deutsch who is a religious person mentioned go-d when saying it was go-ds plans for what happened while consoling Enzo’s parents.

The crash in Midwood happened so fast, police say Enzo never saw it coming because he was looking down at his cell phone.

“Waiting for a bus on your way home from school should not be an action that could lead to your death,” said Erwin Figueroa of Transportation Alternatives.

At the spot where Enzo died, safe streets activists demanded change, in a part of Brooklyn where traffic fatalities this year have skyrocketed.

“These are preventable tragedies and we have to do everything we can to fix it,” said City Council Speaker Corey Johnson. “But we have a city that was built for cars, and not for people.”

In this case, police believe the driver was incapacitated by a medical episode that led him to lose control.

Short of banning cars altogether, it isn’t clear what if any changes to the street design could have saved Enzo’s life.

But advocates say too many streets are just too dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists, and Enzo is just the latest sad statistic in a crisis that keeps getting worse.

Enzo had just started sixth-grade last week, and he wanted to prove to his parents that he was a big boy by taking the bus all by himself. It was only the second week of his newfound independence.

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office has promised a thorough investigation, but the state DMV said the driver had a valid license and no prior violations, suspensions or revocations.

6 hours after the press conference a motorist sped through a red light and slammed into an MTA bus on Ocean Ave and Ave J.

NYPD source tells GifterInGotham over 500 summonses have been written the last 4 weeks on Coney island Ave and Ocean Ave and enforcement will continue.

NYPD adds summonses will be issued for drivers making turns without using blinkers, cell phone usage while driving, texting, seatbelt violations, speeding, refusing to yield to pedestrians, reckless driving, and red runners.   Drive safe and slow down is the simple message from Mayor de Blasio,  community members, and activists.

Source: WABC- Gifteringotham-


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