Brooklynites Furious Over Proposed Kings Hwy Dedicated Bus Lane

Brooklyn       On September 14th, 2017 the Mayor of NYC, Mayor Bill De Blasio spoke at a town hall meeting held by Councilman Deutsch.

At the town hall meeting, the Mayor announced SBS 82 service upgrades for Kings Hwy. (22 min mark)

The Mayor thanked Councilman Deutsch for being adamant about Kings Hwy safety improvements, including select bus service and median upgrades for a 4 block stretch as part of a 20 million dollar investment by the city of New York.

The select bus service #82 will run along Kings Hwy and the proposal is to have a dedicated bus lane from Ocean Ave to McDonald Ave in Brooklyn south starting in July 2018. Available parking spots along the dedicated bus lane route will be removed and Brooklynites are not happy about it.

The one municipal parking lot on Kings Hwy E.14 St. that serviced hundreds of vehicles in was purchased by Target co. for 80 million dollars and parking spots will no longer be available.

GifterInGotham reached out to NYC DOT for an official comment on the SBS 82 facts and was told they never heard of the SBS #82 proposal.

NYC DOT website claims to have had over 45 meetings about the SBS 82 dating back to 2015 without any mention of parking spots being removed.

The MTA first pitched the idea to speed up the B82 bus — which 32,000 straphangers use daily — in January 2016 But the plan faced a backlash at the time because officials only touted the benefits of the program while sidestepping details about how the new service would disrupt local traffic patterns.

Matching the dates on the NYC DOT site with the official minutes of community board meetings contradict some Community board meetings and schedules. In Some cases, DOT never showed up or even discussed the issue where they claim they were present.

A meeting that is listed as Frasier Park to discuss SBS proposal on the DOT website is also misleading. GifterInGotham was present and has the entire on the record conversation recorded.  The only mention of anything to do with an MTA issue was about a new bus stop located on Kings Hwy E.34 St. There was no opposition to the new bus stop but the way DOT kept it a secret also irked community residents.

What is the agenda that NYC Department Of Transportation has that they continue to fail to keep the public fully informed about what their agenda is?

Will communities ever have input on what goes on in their neighborhood or will the de Blasio administration continue to have an attitude that “We know what is good for you?”

Rogers Ave has a dedicated bus lane the last few years from 7 A.M to 7 P.M and most motorist and community residents were not against the dedicated bus lane but the hours of 7 AM to 7 PM and wanted a compromise of 7 to 9 AM and 4 to 7 PM. Motorists feel it’s been a disaster with the constant traffic, lack of parking, and double-parked vehicles along the Avenue. Cameras take tickets for drivers using the bus lane. It’s a major cash cow for the city while only a few busses actually run on Rogers Ave during 10 AM to 4PM

A select bus service #44 runs along Nostrand Ave without a dedicated bus lane from Ave H to Ave Z in both directions without any parking spots taken away. When the Mayor told a town hall meeting about the pending SBS 82 service there was no mention of parking spots being removed. So the Mayor either didn’t know the full details himself or purposely misled the town hall meeting.

Councilman Deutsch reached out to GifterInGotham and mentioned he is for better MTA service and SBS service but was never told about any plan for removing parking spots along Kings Hwy. On March 17, 2018, Councilman Deutsch released a statement after being accused of supporting the SBS 82 dedicated bus lanes.  The fact is Councilman Deutsch has been against removing parking from the area.


Councilman Alan Maisel is furious about the SBS 82 proposal and had this to say at a June 2017 community board meeting. “There’s an old parable about a farmer who had two chickens, one chicken was healthy and one chicken was sick. In order to cure the sick chicken, he killed the healthy one to make chicken soup. Basically what you’re doing is you’re creating additional problems — whatever solution you have is worse than what we already have.”

NYC Councilman Kalman Yeger discussed with GofterInGotham the SBS 82 controversy and says he has been fighting this issue for almost two years.


NYC DOT published this video on YouTube which is unlisted:

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