Brooklynites Demand Safety Measures On Nostrand Ave After Dozens Of Accidents

Brooklyn          Kings Hwy and Nostrand Ave are notorious for accidents and near misses with pedestrians.  It’s divine intervention that a few people do not die each day at the intersection. Here are just some quotes over the last two years from elected officials about the intersection.

2018:   “I was able to visit the site yesterday and saw serious issues,” said Williams, referring to the Kings Highway and Nostrand intersection. “It’s clear that this redesign—though well-intentioned—had unintended consequences, and my office is working with DOT to implement solutions.”

2018:  “As part of the B82 SBS implementation, Nostrand Ave and Kings Hwy were improved to enhance bus service as well as pedestrian safety following a 2017 fatality,” a DOT spokesperson told the media after inquiries about the intersection.

2018:     DOT spokesperson: “We will continue to monitor conditions and make adjustments where appropriate.”

2018:    Lawmakers have also called on the 63rd and 70th precinct to add enforcement in the area has fallen on deaf ears.

The intersection of Kings Highway and Nostrand Avenue, which, despite a series of recent safety improvements by DOT, continues to present serious obstacles for drivers. The installation of a pedestrian island in 2017 has made the traffic worse and forces motorists to run red lights.  Motorists often find themselves stuck in the middle of the intersection because of out of sync timing signals. The lack of a left turn signal north and southbound from Nostrand Avenue onto Kings Highway is dangerous 24×7.

East And Westbound on Kings Highway have left-turn signals that go from green to yellow.  When the yellow is flashing, motorists have no idea that there is a walk sign for pedestrians and pedestrians have no idea motorists are heading right towards them.  Dozens of pedestrians are almost hit on a daily basis.    Watch driver almost hit pedestrians in the crosswalk after a serious accident that landed patients in the hospital on Monday.

Councilman Deutsch has been working tirelessly on this issue and has a scheduled site visit with DOT this week.  The meeting was scheduled before Monday’s serious accident involving three vehicles.

There have been At least 55 accidents and many of them involving serious injuries at Nostrand Ave and Kings Hwy in 2018.



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