Mayor De Blasio Posts Disparaging Tweet

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Media outlets have been covering the controversial issue of Mayoral control of the public school system for a decade.  The Mayor is extremely passionate over the issue and even people who disagree with the mayor on the issue understand where the Mayor is coming from.

Like the Mayor or hate the Mayor, Jewish community leaders were surprised to see a tweet from the mayors office that was deemed racist.

screen grab / NYC Mayors office twitter account

The Mayor’s argument is corruption in the education system breeds when there is no Mayoral control over the school system and therefore wanted to illustrate his point of view by highlighting cases of corruption with media articles. Why did the Mayor have to go back 18 years to make his point?  Why did the Mayor pick a story about a Jewish Rabbi out of hundreds of other stories the Mayor could have used without raising tension among any particular community?

Satmar insiders tell gifteringotham media they are angry and there is talk about possibly not backing the Mayor for a second term.

One particular Satmar leader quipped by saying, “the Mayor doesn’t know his friends from his enemies”.

Mayor de Blasio’s Republican opponent Paul Massey says Albany should extend mayoral control of city schools — though he charged Hizzoner has “utterly failed” at leading the public school system.

Massey blamed de Blasio for the current impasse over mayoral control with just days left in the legislative session, but said state senators should nonetheless sign off on an extension of at least six months to a year.

“The bureaucratic and logistical upheaval would be a nightmare, and the kids would pay the price. I am surprisingly advocating giving control to this mayor under the circumstances,” the GOP mayoral hopeful said Sunday at a press conference at Washington Square Park. “Mayor de Blasio has utterly failed New York kids. That’s the only reason we’re having this discussion. Democrats and Republicans in the Legislature support the idea of mayoral control.”.

“I don’t see why he wouldn’t address the issue of charter schools now. If he can’t do that, then by all means we need at a minimum a short-term extension of mayoral control so we have consistency — until I take over,” Massey said.

De Blasio said Sunday he does not want to tie the charter school and mayoral control issues, and warned again the schools would descend into chaos without an extension.

“This becomes too much of a political football often in Albany, where the discussion is, unless there’s additional changes in favor of charters, people talk about perhaps not extending mayoral control of education,” he said on the John Catsimatidis AM 970 radio show. “That’s never made sense to me. Mayoral control of education should be above the fray.”

Without mayoral control, running the schools would fall to local elected school boards. “Unfortunately, a lot of chaos went with that and a lot of corruption went with that, a lot of patronage went with that, and a lot of people went to jail. We’ve got to make sure never to go back to those days,” de Blasio said.

“Denying charters the ability to grow and preventing parents’ ability to choose would shut the door on 20 years of proven gains in academic achievement. We can not allow that to happen, and will not grant a long-term extension of mayoral control without first ensuring that all students have opportunities,” he said Sunday.

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