Assemblyman Hikind Blasts Yeger and Greenfield For Personal Attacks

Kalman Yeger Photo: Shimon Gifter

Brooklyn   A New York City political race in the 44th council district has three Observant Jewish candidates running for an open seat left by Councilman David Greenfield who decided to leave the council to work for the Met Council and make more money.

Politics can be a dirty business but is never expected to be that way among observant Jews running for political office especially in a district where the majority of the people they will represent are also Jewish.

Whatsapp groups run by people for the Yeger campaign have called Yoni Hikind gay and other slurs.  The dirty and shameful politics is shocking many.

Assemblyman Hikind told CBS2 he himself has become the target in the political battle.

“It’s disgusting; it’s shameful,” the assemblyman said. “This is in the gutter with the mud.”

The race pits Yoni Hikind against Greenfield’s handpicked successor, Kalman Yeger. It is a Borough Park district in which patronage admittedly has often thrived.

What is even more incredible is many of these people who are saying disgusting things about Yoni Hikind and his father didn’t vote for Trump claiming the nastiness of the presidential campaign was a turn off.  The hypocrisy stinks.

Yoni Hikind, Kalman Yeger and Heshy Tischler are running for outgoing Councilman David Greenfield’s seat.  One of these 3 people will represent over 150,000 residents.  Have we sunken so low that not one out of 150,000 people can demand respect towards each other, respect to the political process and demand a complete denunciation of these personal attacks?

Has the entire Boro Park gone insane to just accept this garbage?   Yeger campaign sunk so low that they went after an innocent Jewish organization called OUR PLACE. Our Place has helped hundreds if not thousands of wonderful Brooklyn teenagers over the years. Is it a crime for Yoni Hikind to be affiliated with Our Place? Only because Yoni is running for council it’s open field to trash an innocent organization he is affiliated with?

Some people are threatening to expose Greenfield’s illegal shut down of a yeshiva a few years back, for a friend of his who owned the building.   A political source mentioned to GifterInGotham that if Greenfield wants to bring down an organization then, “he will be brought down first before bringing everyone down with him.”

How can Yeger and campaign look in the face of parents who have teenagers who were helped or getting help through a place like OUR PLACE and ask for their votes?  Is he seriously this stupid? It’s like knocking someone over from behind and then asking the person with a smile if they want help getting up.

The majority of people that I spoke to told me they will vote for Yoni Hikind. The main reason that I heard from voters in the 44th district was the way Yeger was put in as a replacement circumventing the natural political process.  Voters are fuming at the dirtiness coming from the Yeger campaign and refusal to denounce such hatred. Whatsapp messages sent from the Yeger campaign called Yoni Hikind gay and mentioned the community can’t elect a gay person to represent the 44th district.

It’s outrageous that a campaign has to resort to such behavior.  Whatever happened to talking about the issues affecting a district or ideas on how to make lives better for all New Yorkers?    Here’s a little secret for Yeger. If Yeger wins he will be representing males, females, organizations that help teens at risk, your perceived enemies, Jews, blacks, Asians, Russians and many other backgrounds and religions. Oh, even gay people.

Yeger trashed his own relative Councilman Deutsch. Good luck working with him in the council. On the other hand, it won’t be luck. Councilman Deutsch goes about his days with the dignity that he won’t have a problem looking the other way and working with anyone that hurt him because he cares about people like no other.

My suggestion for Kalmen Yeger is pick up a book by Dale Carnegie How to win friends and influence people.  And my message for all voters is please go out and vote. And whoever wins the race please respect the person that won regardless if it was your choice. Don’t stoop to the level they are displaying the last few weeks. The last thing people want is a politician who does payback to the people that didn’t vote for them. It’s the winner’s job to prove to their constituents they made the right choice and to prove to the ones who didn’t vote for them that they were wrong for not voting for them. Respect is a two-way street. make voters feel stupid and watch what happens. it’s a social media world now and voters have shown repeatedly over the last few years they won’t sit back and take garbage from their elected officials.

A community only wins when it’s united. At the end of the day, everyone wants the same things like a better education, better-paying jobs, lower taxes, safe streets, tuition relief, and respectable representation from their elected officials etc.  Anyone that thinks a community is effective by low turnouts at the polls and having a candidate or candidates trashing their opponents, then good luck. let me know how it turns out in 4 years from now with that attitude. Anyone who thinks trashing good organizations with no proof of misdeeds is going to help a community is just being stupid.

I never met anyone who became frum after rocks being thrown at their heads while screaming shabbos shabbos.

Here is a CBS2 report on the NYC 44th Council race:



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