American Cutting Legroom In Economy

American Airlines Group Inc. ( AAL ) is planning to cut legroom in its economy class seats by up to two inches in order to add more passenger seats on its flights, according to a CNN report.

American Airlines reportedly intends to add more seats on its new Boeing 737-800 Max single-aisle aircraft. The aircraft, to be delivered to the airline later this year, will primarily be flown on routes in North America.

Accordingly, the airline will reduce the distance between seats, also known as seat pitch, from 31 inches to 29 inches on three rows of the airplane, and to 30 inches across the rest of its main economy class cabin. However, passengers in these seats with reduced legroom will be charged normal economy fares.

The new Max aircraft will reportedly have more than 170 seats, compared to the 160 seats offered on American Airlines’ current 737-800 aircraft. The airline will, however, retain its extra-legroom ‘main cabin extra’ economy seats, as well as its 16 first class seats.


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