Midwood Activist Fights For oppressed Orthodox women Who Read the FJJ

June 21,2017 edition of the Flatbush jewish journal

Brooklyn,NY   –   A Flatbush woman who fancies herself an online activist for oppressed Orthodox women was shocked when she discovered that she would be the subject of a New York Daily News article.

Adina Sashitzky, a Jewish woman from Midwood with an instagram presence, told the New York Daily News she’s been barraged with online abuse after using an emoji to shield her face in ad appearing in a local shopper. The publication, Flatbush Jewish Journal (FJJ), thrown on every doorstep in Midwood, even in inclement weather, has a policy of not publishing pictures of women.

Sashitzky claimed in an interview with Gifter in Gotham that she consented to participating in the Daily News article for purely altruistic reasons.

“I initially turned them down,” Sashitzky explained of her role in the story.  “But they told me they are writing the article anyway. So I tried controlling the narrative so it wasn’t a referendum against Orthodox Judaism as a whole. I also spoke to my Rabbi.”

Sashitzky declined to name the rabbinic figure who advised her to air the community’s internal controversies publicly. =“I love my community. I’m not going anywhere. People can threaten me and ask me to leave. I’m Jewish whether they like that or not,” Sash, 29, told the Daily News, in her effort to “control the narrative.” She further told the tabloid “We’re not even second-class citizens. We’re not being let in.”

The otherwise publicity-shy activist also supplied the Daily News with a rather large dramatic shot of herself for inclusion in the article she hesitantly agreed to be a part of.

Sashitzky’s infamy began after she took out an ad in the Flatbush Jewish Journal (FJJ) thanking City Councilman Chaim Deutsch for joining her for a local graffiti cleanup. The ad featured a group photo including Deutsch and his posse — and Sashitzky — smiling.

When the shopper refused to run her ad without blurring her face, saying, to Sash, that it violated the paper’s modesty rules according she agreed to use an emoji to cover her face in a move to draw attention to the absurdity of the rule.

Sashitzky also claims the FJJ refused to even print the word “girl” in her Instagram handle.

The married mother of two boys said online detractors have threatened to ostracize her children from community institutions.

She likewise is claiming to have received “hundreds of negative comments” via instagram, neither of which she could provide proof of.

Sashitzky revealed that her husband, Chaim Sashitzky, has a barter relationship with FJJ, raising the question how and why the ad was placed. Was it a ‘thank you’ to Councilman Deutsch as claimed or, a no cost publicity stunt?

The FJJ newspaper did not respond to requests for comment.

The New York Daily News  writes, “Other Brooklyn Orthodox papers have drawn attention for refusing to print photos of women — most famously when the Hasidic paper Der Zeitung deleted then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and another female staffer from an iconic photo of the White House Situation Room during the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden”.

The FJJ did not return call for comment.

There are left wing, right wing, liberal and conservative media organizations and everyone knows what to expect when reading any given newspaper or online edition. It shouldn’t be anyone’s business to go tell another newspaper they have no business putting in or not putting in a woman in a newspaper.

Jewish newspapers are very upfront about their rules and nobody has ever jumped off a building because they didn’t see a woman in a Jewish newspaper.



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