Accusers’ Dad Tries To Attack Pedophile Larry Nassar During Sentencing Hearing

Chaos erupted in a Michigan courtroom during Larry Nassar’s sentencing hearing on Friday as the father of three girls who say they were molested charged at the disgraced gymnastics doctor and was taken down by court officers.

“Let me have that son of a bitch,” Randall Margraves shouted as he ran toward the witness box where Nassar was sitting.

“Give me one minute with that bastard!”

Two of Margraves’ daughters had just finished giving victim impact statements in Eaton County Court when the father cursed at Nassar and was admonished by Judge Janice Cunningham for using profanity.

“I would ask you to grant me five minutes in a room with this demon,” Margraves asked the judge.

“You know I can’t do that,” she answered.

That’s when Margraves suddenly ran toward the front of the courtroom. Nassar’s lawyer, Matt Newburg, leaped up to block him and deputies wrestled the fuming father to the ground as he shouted at them, “What if this happened to you guys?”

The sentencing hearing was temporarily halted as Margraves was taken from the courtroom and put in a holding cell while authorities determined what charges he might face.

When it resumed, the judge described what the outburst was like for her.

“Obviously what just occurred in the courtroom was scary and caused a level of discomfort for all of you,” Cunningham said. “I’m sorry that happened.”

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