Politicians And Residents Protest Proposed Kings Hwy Dedicated Bus Lanes

Brooklyn residents protest dedicated bus lane route along Kings Hwy. Photo: Shimon Gifter

Brooklyn    Over 1500 residents protested a proposed select bus service that would run along Kings Hwy from Nostrand Ave to McDonald Ave in Brooklyn South.

Residents are fuming about having hundreds of parking spots taken away by NYC Dept. of Transportation and the MTA to make room for the proposed dedicated bus lanes set for July 2018.

Video of today’s protest against the MTA and NYC department of transportation:

The MTA position is the B82 carries 32,000 riders daily and the bus line is always late on its busy schedule due to traffic. Politicians and residents want NYPD to ticket double-parked vehicles which is the main cause of the congestion on Kings Hwy.

Senator Felder, Councilman Deutsch, Yeger and Treyger vehemently oppose any reduction of parking spots. The area is already impossible to find open parking spots for its local businesses and residents living in the area.  Recently two parking garages in the area were taken down that serviced over 350 vehicles.   On average small local business owners along Kings Hwy are paying $35,000 a month in rent and are afraid of their businesses being destroyed without having ample parking spots available for customers to shop.

As it is, store owners are competing against Amazon and other companies. Taking away parking spaces would destroy any possibility of surviving in today’s tough economy according to the small business owners. 

Residents and politicians also mentioned that a dedicated bus lane will cause more traffic with trucks and other commercial vehicles parking in the bus lane, defeating the entire rationale behind an SBS 82 dedicated bus lane.

On March 21, 2018 we posted detailed info including pictures and videos regarding the SBS 82 controversy.

Councilman Kalman Yeger protests a proposed dedicated bus lane for King Hwy on Kings Hwy E.5th St. 04.15.2018 Photo: Shimon Gifter




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