Family outraged after being kicked off Jet Blue flight

Queens,NY   A Brooklyn family is demanding answers from JetBlue after being kicked off a flight from Florida to New York. Now, company officials say they may be banned from flying with the airline.

Mandy Ifrah said the trouble started before the plane took off, when her 1-year-old daughter kicked the seat in front of her.

Ifrah said she apologized to the other passenger, and the two exchanged words. Then, a flight attendant asked her, her husband and their three children to get off the plane.

The airline claims the verbal exchange included physical threats and profanities, and that the family refused repeated requests to step off the plane to discuss the incident.

The family’s lawyer released a statement calling JetBlue “unprofessional.”

“It is not remotely possible that a mother traveling with a 1-year-old on her lap and two toddlers would have the gumption to behave like that in front of her kids,” he said.

The family didn’t start recording until her profanity laced mouth finished according to some people on facebook.


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